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Congratulations to Frank Gomez!

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Frank Gomez GraduationCongratulations to Frank Gomez!

Frank was a 55-year old Dominican immigrant who arrived to La Alianza Hispana’s doors in search of information and services.  He was eager to learn and be part of the elite organization that served the Latino community.  La Alianza Hispana was able to offer him many services at the senior program including but not limited to refer and enroll him in the Mature Workers program sponsored by the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts.

He was assigned to La Alianza Hispana’s Adult Day Health Program.  The agency saw the opportunity to hire him in the Adult Day Health Program where he was part of our team for 10 years. Now, we take off our hats and congratulate Frank for his achievements as a graduate from Urban College, Boston, MA.  He earned a Master in Pre-school education.  Individuals with multiple talents and desire to excel in life and professionally sometimes are faced with many shut doors.  Frank was eager to succeed and La Alianza Hispana as a trampoline was able to help.  We are proud of his accomplishments and echo his words:  “La Alianza Hispana support was a tremendous experience for me. They help me to develop my talents and pursue my dreams.”

La Alianza Hispana, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt community based organization providing culturally and linguistically appropriate health and education programs to the Latino Community of Greater Boston.  Founded in 1971, La Alianza Hispana has become the starting point for over 2,000 Latinos annually who seek support at all stages of life. Our goal is to strengthen individuals, families and communities for ongoing success. La Alianza Hispana believes in social justice as a means of creating a more egalitarian, participatory and peaceful society in which all members can realize their fullest potential. Thank you for considering making a gift to "La Alianza Hispana."  

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