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New Initiatives


La Alianza Hispana (LAH) is committed to improving and further developing our services, processes, and structures so that we reamin a current and premier agency responding to the needs of immirgrants in the Greater Boston Area. This requires ongoing evaluation of the work we do and how we need to evolve and stay focused on the needs of our constituents. Several initiatives are in the design phase. 


Business Institute for Local Development

Training and related support systems will address the needs of employees and their employers related to personal, professional and institutional success and advancement. The collaborative model will include other adult education and support services to positively impact this low-income, limited resource area of Boston. We envision this program to be a win-win opportunity for all stakeholders. Workers benefit as they acquire skills leading to job retention, advancement, and other opportunities for workers to progress whether within their current or other workplace, or to establish their own enterprises. Businesses benefit when employees (both line and management) advance providing the traction needed for sustained growth. Ultimately the community’s well-being improves as it is intrinsically tied into the success of local businesses.


GreenWorks Program 

The connecting themes that serve as the bedrock of our GreenWorks Program is revitalizing and strengthening communities through environmental stewardship, education and entrepreneurship. La Alianza Hispana will begin the process of creating a green (renewable/clean/energy efficiency) energy center with retrofits and renovation of our own facility. Local workers, regional businesses and academic institutions will be recruited to provide training and expertise in installing and operating new energy-efficient systems and self-generating equipment as sources of power for the facility. Training materials and curricula will be developed before and during retrofitting and renovation activities and a jobs training and placement program will be launched. La Alianza Hispana’s Green Building will be a “showcase’ both as a view of what is possible in upgrading facilities with green energy systems, and as a training center which can be replicated throughout the broader community.


Youth as Social Entrepreneurs

This program will join our two current initiatives ¡Cuídate! and Women of Courage to help youth develop the knowledge and skills to become social entrepreneurs. Our goal is to enable young Latino men and women to connecting skills and knowledge of personal and community change and leadership to specific real-world activities that also provides them with some funds. This will be a powerful combination that will enable youth to take make contributions to their community while preparing themselves for work and careers. A further goal is to establish a training for trainers for those who work with youth. These workers will in turn train young people they work with to become social entrepreneurs.  The skills and knowledge that will be developed as a result of this training will make an impact in the community as well as prepare young people for being productive participants.  The acquired skills and knowledge can ultimately be channeled to small business development, or for community leadership to address the social needs that they and others face.


Families Involved in Math and Science

The goal of Families Involved in Math and Science is to improve the achievement of young students of families whose first language is other than English. Providing hands-on, minds-on activities used at home, holding community learning events, and training caregivers as to how they can reinforce learning Latino families will become active partners and leaders as community educators. The outcomes of the program will include a sustained structure of family and community engagement, partnerships with organizations, schools and businesses promoting math and science, and students who present improvement and increased interest in these content areas. Families will be provided with knowledge and tools to have direct involvement and impact on their children’s interest in math and science, resulting in increased school involvement and academic achievement. The training and direct experience will enable families to understand how to reinforce learning that occurs in the classroom into daily life at home and in the community. FIMS is based on the experiences of our Director of Education, Joel Nitzberg who for five years directed the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s program, Massachusetts Parent Involvement Project.