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Family Counseling

La Alianza Hispana’s Family Counseling Center, located at 78 Forest Street in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, provides bilingual and culturally competent mental health and family support services to the Greater Boston Area residents, with special emphasis in the Latino community. The center is open Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.



The La Alianza Hispana Family Counseling Center conducts its clinical social work and intensive case management through a strengths-based, family-centered, and collaborative approach.  Our comprehensive services aim to provide crisis intervention, to increase clients’ access to community resources, and to empower individuals and families to successfully manage various behavioral and mental health, as well as, systemic challenges.

Our clinical social work and intensive case management is strengths-based, family-centered, and collaborative. We provide crisis intervention, education and counsel, client access to community resources, and guidance through the behavioral and mental health services available in the broader community.

For any questions or referrals, please contact: 617-427-7175