Aliancianos Senior Center

This program is offered to anyone over 60 years old, we have a safe and culturally competent place to all Latino participants. The program was designed to improve the physical and emotional health of the participants. We also offer services that help to develop work skills.



Evidence-Based Program


  • Tomando Control de su Salud:  

Culturally-competent, evidence-based model teaching adults prevention and healthy life-skills. We are one of the few Spanish facilitators of this program in Boston. This program was developed by Stanford University, and it is a perfect fit for someone with one or more chronic diseases as well for the family members or friends that take care of them.

  • A Matter of Balance

Evidence-based fall prevention program for seniors. This program teaches how to handle chronic diseases and how to live a healthier life.

Imagine being at that age where activities as simple as moving can cause you fear because you could fall. Most of the people that reach certain age live with this fear and usually limit their activities creating a physical weakness, A Matter of Balance program at La Alianza Hispana was created to reduce the fear of falling and increase self-confidence among older adults.

  • Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese form of martial arts that involves slow, controlled and low-impact movements that can be easy for seniors–even those with limited movement. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, tai chi can help seniors feel steadier on their feet as well as improving their hand eye coordination. The National Association of Orthopedic Nurses endorses tai chi for seniors seeking to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and get gentle aerobic exercise.


Who should attend?

The programs are designed to benefit older adults who:

  • Are concerned about falls
  • Have sustained falls in the past
  • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling
  • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength
  • Are age 60 or older, community-dwelling and able to problem solve


Gerarda Alicea: (617) 427 7175 Ext 777