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Cuidate Cuídate!, a culturally-based program designed to prevent pregnancy and promote safer sex decisions, including abstinence, and correct condom use focusing on adolescents in Boston, Chelsea Lawrence and other communities with a high percentage of Latino youth.


Today, all teens, including Latinos, face many health risks related to sexual behaviour, such as unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV and AIDS. La Alianza Hispana aims to promote safer sex decisions among through this culturally and linguistically sensitive program aimed at Boston area youth and families who are at risk of poverty, low graduation rates, violence and social isolation.



¡Cuídate! is implemented with the use of:

·     Six 1-hour modules delivered over 2 or more days

·     Sessions delivered to small groups of 6-to-10 co-ed youth

·     HIV/AIDS knowledge, refusal of sex, condom use negotiation, and correct condom use skills

·     Interactive games, group discussions, role-plays, videos, music, and mini-lectures.

·     Bi-cultural and bilingual group facilitators

·     Parent advisory group which will support the initiative through open communication and positive parent-child relationships.

·     Inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations

This program will empower adolescent boys and girls by reinforcing their confidence in practicing abstinence and proper use of condoms. Participants will develop attitudes that support safe decision-making and will acquire correct and reliable information about risk and disease in a culturally-sensitive approach.



Eligibility: Spanish and non-Spanish speaking   boys and girls aged 13-18 in the Boston area including Chelsea, East Boston, South Boston, Roxbury, Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, and Hyde Park.

If you know of an individual, family, or school who may benefit from this program, please contact our program director, Lilliam Rivera to discuss opportunities.



Did you know that?

·     54% of Boston area high school students reported having sex at least once.

·     In 2007 and 2009 combined, for high school students who had reported having sex, 30% reported having 3-5 partners and 23% reported having 6 or more partners.

·     Boston females ages 15-19 have the highest rate of new Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea rates among any age group.

·     Among teens in the U.S. who are sexually active, those who have ever had sexual intercourse are twice as likely to drop out of school or maintain failing grades (D’s/F’s).

Contact: For more information please call: 617-427-7175