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Next Steps to Employment

Next Steps to Employment offers those who need to develop job and career strategies an understanding of the process required for successful entry. The skills taught include conducting self- assessments, researching job descriptions, utilizing the Internet to find openings, networking, and how to prepare for an interview. The outcome will be students ready, motivated and prepared to follow their personalized job and career path.


The more time and effort spent looking at where one has been, what has been done and accomplished, and why certain decisions were made , the better one can determine the directionto set. Also important is knowing one’s interests, values, skills, visions and how these connect to the where, what and why from their past. Personal skills can be transferred as work skills and so it is important to not minimize the importance of what has been outside the job.


The modules provide students with an understanding about themselves and how what they have decided as steps for advancing through the process. This includes taking to time to reflect on what is covered and how this applies to them. For each module students will connect what they learn in the sessions with their individual process of finding work and contemplating a career. At the end of the course each student willl have completed a plan for next steps to include self-assessments, resume, networking map and portfolio that presents what has been learned in the course.