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1   Link   Stay Covered
La Alianza Hispana is working with the Massachusetts Health Connector informing and educating our community about health care coverage options, about the need to re-register into the system, and about the Affordable Care Act
2   Link   LULAC Recruits Talented Latinos for Careers
JOB SEEKERS: Look for a job in LULAC’s United Latino Job Bank! Create a United Latino Job Bank account, upload your resume, and apply for job! Get important updates on government jobs, corporate jobs, internships, and education resources.
3   Link   January 2014 | Department of Health and Human Services Congratulates La Alianza Hispana for Its participation on the Teen Health Empowerment Study
Congratulations on successfully completing enrollment for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Replication Study (Teen Health Empowerment Study), funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Because of the hard work and dedication of La Alianza Hispana staff over the past two years, your organization has not only provided the Cuidate! teen pregnancy and STI prevention program to young people locally, but also made a valuable contribution to the national knowledge base about the implementation and effectiveness of programs for youth around the country.
4   Link   November 2013 | The Bridgespan Group Highlights La Alianza Hispana for its Participation on A Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
La Alianza Hispana, a Roxbury, Massachusetts-based nonprofit serving the Latino community, chose Cuidate as its EBP because the agency was already delivering the six-session intervention and had experienced facilitators on staff. As implementation began, this presumed asset began to melt away. “Before we got the grant, we had five facilitators doing Cuidate, and each was doing it their own way,” explained Program Director Lily Rivera. “People were picking out and doing the things that they liked. The OAH performance measures, observation requirements, and evaluations all have led us to have much more fidelity in how we do this. We no longer skip session six because two kids once got into a fight.” But doing Cuidate by the book was not easy for the experienced facilitators. “We had some very educated facilitators who couldn’t get their heads around this,” Rivera said. “Staff were coming and going. But we had to get the right staff. I e nded up going to a probationary period of 90 days, so I could confirm that the people I hired and trained would follow through.”
5   Link   2009-12-10 Boston Latino TV Charity Auction to Benefit La Alianza Hispana
On Thursday, December 10th, Boston Latino TV and International jewelry designer Catalina de la Torre donated exquisitely designed pieces of her jewelry collection for the BLTv charity auction that benefited La Alianza Hispana.
6   Link   2009-10-09 Centro | Success for Life
"Success For Life" is a brand new program at the non-profit organization La Alianza Hispana in Boston, that helps people who already speak English and are looking to take this knowledge to a whole different level. On this edition of "Centro", WBZ's Yadires Nova-Salcedo talks with its coordinator Sandy Blanes. Tune in!
7   Link   2009-06-02 Boston Latino TV | Women of Courage
On June 2nd, a group of extraordinary women who have have demonstrated leadership, character and passion to advocate on behalf of the Latino community were recognized by La Alianza Hispana at the Women of Courage event at Mojitos Lounge. They are leaders in education, health, media, philanthropy and in the community that embody the vision and mission of La Alianza Hispana.
8   Link   2009-05-29 El Mundo Newspaper | An event to be remembered
On June 4th, an impressive group of Latinas will be recognized for their commitment, integrity, and passion during La Alianza Hispana’s “Women of Courage”.